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The Travel Bug Has Bitten Me HARD

July 26, 2018



The travel bug has bitten me, and it has bitten me HARD! As we get ready for the final stages of our destination wedding, the topic of passports for all of our guest is right on the tippy top of the list! We want to make sure that everyone gets their passports or passport cards in time and that made me check my passport to ensure I was all set to travel. I then took a fun trip down memory lane as I started looking at the stamps it has collected so far, and it has me thinking of all the passport stamps I look forward to adding as I travel around the world with my partner in crime, my soon hubby to be. 


When I started writing this, my initial thought was "What's my favorite travel location?" I sat and looked at my photos, kept thinking about all the places I've been, and I can honestly say I can not pick just one. Each place I have ever visited whether it's been in the US or outside of the country has a special place in my memory bank. 


Here is a little trip down memory lane for some of my international travels:


In 2011 my dear friend Nyree and I went on an adventure to Paris, France for almost two weeks. Thankfully she planned the entire thing because I was at a loss as to where to begin but she had prior knowledge of what to do best places to go, and I was down to follow her lead. 



We ended up staying the first weekend in a small bed and breakfast very Europe style. I'm a mom, and I continuously overpack because in my mind I'm always on a 'just in case' kick because you never know. What I didn't know was how small everything was including apartments, staircases, hallways, etc. and it was NOT conducive to my massage luggage lol, but I made it work. The next place we stayed in for about a week of the trip was also a bed and, but this one was to die for! Much larger, garden in the middle of the home and the host were friends of friends and chefs and as you can imagine the breakfast and dinners were probably some of the best I've ever had. One thing that stands out about eating in Paris is that most Parisians seem to purchase their food in the morning so everything is very fresh, and you distinctly taste it. The last weekend we treated ourselves and stayed in a hotel and had all the amenities and luxury that you do not get in bed and breakfast and that was an excellent way to end the trip. 


We ate and drank like Parisians, we visited the famous Champs Elysees and shopped our behinds off, Notre Dame was just beautiful, and I was able to spend some time just enjoying the space, silence and my thoughts. We visited The Eiffel Tower, Versailles and we honestly only saw a small section, and for a minute I thought "is this it?" and then we opened the map, WOW! I felt like a queen there. It's where I belong lol. We hit The Louvre and saw the famous Mona Lisa, but I didn't feel like Beyonce & Jay Z   as we couldn't get close enough. The red light district was interesting, and at the time we were advised not to go at night, so we walked around during the day. I can not wait to go back to the city of love with my love, and I better start working on my French again. 




Fast forward a few years and I am back in Europe for a work-related trip to London, but I took full advantage of my downtime to hit the town. I am so thankful I had great friends taking me around town as we spent some fun tea time at The Ritz, took a spin in The London Eye, walked around Hyde Park which is one of the largest parks in central London, England and one of the Royal Parks of London, famous for its Speakers' Corner. I felt at home because it reminded me so much of New York's Central Park. This too is on on the Lyons Order European Takeover 2019. 


Now I am a Caribbean girl so you can never take that out of my blood and places I tend to visit often for some fun in the sun and relaxation is my country the Dominican Republic in areas like Altos De Chavon, Punta Cana, Cap Cana, Santo Domingo, Santiago, and looking to explore more. I enjoy Mexico because it's such a lovely close escape, Jamaica I enjoy, but I will say I wish I could see more of Jamaica and not just the resorts but I am always advised not to step out and venture out so it's not a place I would go to often. 





I will end my memory lane here, keeping it short and sweet but we are planning our trips for the next few years, and we have Europe, Greece, Australia, and Asia on our bucket list. If there are any places you suggest, please leave them on the comments below.


Happy Travels everyone! 







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