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My 3 Favorite Photo/Video Apps On The Go

February 10, 2019



I have a secret to share: I love me a good selfie!


To make myself feel better about my selfie obsession, I make excuses for my behavior by giving it a spin and saying that I take a lot of selfies to try some new photo/video editing apps. It is good to know some good retouch apps on the go if you ever find yourself covering live events you want to make sure your client looks as best as he or she can.


Sometimes you do not have the time to wait for the 'press ready' approved photos or to wait for the creative department to get you some much needed last minute assets because sometimes you have NO TIME TO WAIT! 


I kinda love it when I hear "Ask Elsi what app she's using?" 


Because I get asked often what apps I love to edit a great pic on the go or make some fun content for stories, I wanted to share them with you! 

Over App


I LOVE LOVE this app! I've created some pretty cool content from my phone with Over. They even added videos recently into the mix. You can overlap items, text, but I use it mostly for Instagram stories. 


Soulfrito Fest 2018 with Bryant Myers




The ONE thing I will say is, please do not get carried away with the smooth feature yall! I get so sad when I see someone I know smooth away their facial features so much. Other than that I love the detail feature. Sometimes my curls don't pop because of the lighting in a picture and that's my fav feature on Facetune. I also love that I can make colors pop as well, a big plus to help my grid stay cohesive. 







This app is pretty cool and easy to use for general editing like lighting, ratio, aspect, tones, etc.. Better than the iPhone camera options for sure. 



As always, if you have any cool apps you think I should try leave a comment! 


Xoxo - Elsi 


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