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5 Social Media Marketing Skills You Should Master

January 31, 2019


Running social media accounts is more than just posting onto your channels with no thought or planning before you do so, or rather it shouldn't be!


Managing social media accounts gets harder and harder every day as new technologies, apps, and software comes out. And you need someone dedicated to that aspect of your business to help your company achieve its goals. 


If you are looking for a dedicated social media manager or you manage your accounts and want some help on how to manage your accounts better, here are the five skills you should be looking for in a manager or skills you should personally start to perfect.


Graphic Design

I don't mean go back to get your masters in design, but make sure you find apps that can help. 


If your business targets women, millennials or teens, images are even more critical. Platforms like Pinterest & Instagram require a ton of high-quality, original photos. It’s not necessary to have advanced Photoshop skills, a good eye for design and the ability to source and edit images is a must-have.


Some of my favorite apps for images are:



Passion For Writing 
As a social media manager, you should have the ability to express yourself in writing. 
You might not be a blogger, but you will be communicating with customers on a daily basis and a ton of the communication will be in writing.


I often use Grammarly to help me with my writing, and I LOVE IT! It picks up errors I wouldn't have thought of. Now, it's not perfect, and you might not agree with its suggestions all the time, but it's still a pretty great application. 


SEO and Content Marketing Knowledge

Your social manager deals with all the day-to-day management, promotion and distribution of your promotional materials, therefore, an understanding of SEO and content marketing is CRUCIAL! They should know how a blog and social media content fit into rankings, and how all content works with the business’s marketing funnel.


Social Media Advertising Experience

Social ads may look like traditional ads but come with their unique challenges and opportunities. Ads can offer the ability for you to target your audience and gives you the ability to take advantage of online word-of-mouth marketing. You must understand how to utilize social ads to take advantage of these opportunities and to scale their organic social media effects.


The Customer Is Always Right!

I can almost guarantee you that at least 80% of your customers are using social media to get assistance from brands, and you or your social media manager must be customer-service minded, and responding appropriately to customer-service queries.


Your social media manager represents your brand, and a good social media manager knows that everything they say or do on social media is a representation of YOUR brand, good, bad, or indifferent so make sure it stays GOOD or even better. GREAT! 


If you’re looking to brush up on your social media skills, make sure to sign up for my newsletter and follow my pages as I'm always sharing some goodies. 





What would you add to this list? What skills do you think are the most important in a social media manager? Would love to hear from you so pop pop those comments below. 


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