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The Day I Joined The Lyons Club

December 4, 2018

Oh, how I love being back on my blog. I've been a little busy planning a wedding a getting married and all that good stuff, but I'm BACK! I will admit being a tad scared to tackle this blog because there is just SO MUCH I want to say and share I simply don't know where to start so I will just start!! 

My wedding adventure did not come without its hiccups but we not only survived the experience, but we also surpassed our expectations and could not be happier. I've written a blog or two about the planning process overall that you can check out here


Top Destination Wedding Hotel BY FAR!



For now, we will pick up the day of the wedding... Picture this, you've just spent three days celebrating with your family and friends and getting ready to marry the man that was always meant for you and you wake up to pouring rain and your wedding is OUTDOORS! Yes, that is how my wedding day started. This is going to be a goodie, more along the lines of storytelling so you might want to grab a snack, a cocktail, or some popcorn and get ready. 


Edward and I had been working out every morning (him one or two more than I) and our wedding day was no exception. I admit I slept through apparent torrential rain and thunder (I'm sure the tequila'ssssss helped) that started I was told about 7 am and I finally woke up from my slumber at about 8 am. At this point, I came to terms with the surrounding hurricanes because it was the season after all, and we already had a game plan to replace the outdoor wedding.


The game plan was as follows:

  • No, I don't want it in the backup hallway location. 

  • No, I don't want our pictures to be in front of that crazy sculpture. 

  • Use a restaurant or something, have them clear it out.

  • You make it happen someway, somehow in a beautiful space, GO! 

I was actually totally chill the night before, and then, things started to pop off......


Saturday Morning October 6, 2018:


Edward and I went off to the gym as mentioned, and we start to run into a few guests that were truly worried about me. I felt so bad because I was so chill. I knew it would all work out, in fact, they do say rain on your wedding day is good luck so in my mind I was off to a GREAT start. I immediately told all my friends to spread the word that The Bride was A-OK! After our workout we had breakfast then Edward went back to our room to pack up for the day and move to his son's room to get ready for the ceremony. My dress was to be delivered at 12 pm, so we had enough time to lounge around a bit. I headed to my friend's room to chit chat a bit and have the routine morning Mimosa. It's now about 11 am, and I get a text from Edward that read: "Your dress is here" MY HEART SINKS!!!! Wait what?!?!? The first thought in my mind was OH FUCK, he saw my dress?!!?!! I immediately text him: "WAS IT IN A BAG???........." You know when you're waiting for a reply on iPhone, and you wait for those three little dots that show someone is typing...

Well I didn't see that, and I knew right away there was a problem. I took my ass to the room so fast and barged into the room seeing a very fearful fiancé. The first words out of his mouth were "I didn't see the dress!" He claims he covered the dress with a blanket and they hung it up in the dressing area, and God bless his heart I choose to believe him, but I'll never know truly right.. 


He scurried away quickly as he knew my wrath was coming on full force! Torrential rain pours did not affect my mood, BUT, my future husband seeing my dress, now THAT, set me TF OFF!! I called my planner, wedding party and said: "Find out who's responsible and have their heads ROLL!" LOL, Yes that was the vibe. 


Not ONLY did he possibly see my dress after further inspection they ironed pleats into a dress that did not NEED nor REQUIRE pleats! THEN, my planner/bestie tells me we HAVE to change the reception venue because of the possible rainout. At this point, I wanted to stick my head into the ground WITH a bottle of tequila and just never come out! LOL. Needless to say, my early afternoon was a wash, and stress levels were high! After my superwoman group of sisters aka wedding party handled it all, I was at peace!




My dress was by Davids Bridal and it was Beach Perfection at a STEAL! 


My makeup was done to the nines by my great friend Laverne aka @brushedbylaverne using all Motives Cosmetics of course, and I felt like a princess getting ready to be crowned a Queen!




The groomsmen had it easy as pie!! 




We wrapped up photos and headed down to meet my man! We were over the moon because the rain stopped JUST in time and not only that, as I walked down to meet my wedding party I see THE biggest rainbow I've ever seen in my LIFE right over all of us on such a blessed day! 



The next major surprise was seeing my sons clean-shaven face waiting for me as he gets ready to walk his mom down the aisle. A moment forever etched in my heart and mind. 

It's time.....


The wedding party walked out to A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) by The Piano Guys and I walked out to Fall For You by Leela James. When it came time to walk out with my mom and my son by my side and my love waiting for me at the end of the rainbow, I knew everything was just pure perfection. We said our hell yes's and got ready to party!!!! 



Initially, our reception venue was set in an outdoor covered spaced called The Isla Grill and because of the openings and possible rain coming it was switched to the spa! They've never had a party at the spa, and we know this will NOT be their last! My best friend aka wedding planner Zizi DID HER THANG THANG! She with the help of the Beloved Staff and Alquimia Events for the flowers and decor, turned the space around in under an hour, and we could not be more thankful! It turned out to be MUCH BETTER than the original area! More private and just stunning overall! The staircase reminded me of the Guggenheim Museum, and the colors bounced off the walls like magic. 





We walked into the room as Mr. and Mrs. Lyons for the first time, and I was as giddy as a 5-year-old girl meeting the real Santa for the first time! I couldn't take my excitement! We wanted to plan something extraordinary not just for us for our first dance but something that included all of our friends and family as well. We started our first dance to Perfect by Ed Sheeran & Beyonce which makes me cry every damn time I hear it! But then, we had the DJ mix it up and play the dance version to Perfect by Robin Schultz and asked everyone to join us on the dance floor, and it was utter PERFECTION!!!! SO MUCH FUN! 



I also had a very VERY special surprise moment with my son and asked him to join me for a mother and son dance to Zion by Lauren Hill. 



Unsure of what the balance held
I touched my belly overwhelmed
By what I had been chosen to perform
But then an angel came one day
Told me to kneel down and pray
For unto me a man child would be born


As a teenage mom that went through a lot to give my son a chance and help him build a better future by building my future, this song always rang true for me. Now the joy, of my world, is in Nelson. 


As the night went on the speeches were absolutely KILLER! The dancing OMG was NON STOP!!! One of the best things we did was to bring in our DJ, my very good friend DJ Ammo from Allure One based out of New Jersey. We had people from the entire hotel coming to stand by the door to listen in and enjoy. The staff told us it was one of the best DJs they ever had on their property! We danced ALL NIGHT LONG! 


We didn't even stop to take the "typical" wedding shots because we were all having so much fun and when we got back there were a few times we were fearful of not having enough photos or videos. We were WRONG! We worked with Seasons Photo Studio and WOW not only did they meet our expectations the SUPER EXCEEDED our expectations and went above and beyond what we expected. We had images and videos that we never even saw them capture. I wish we could do another event in Mexico just to work with them again. 


We HIGHLY recommend Seasons Photo Studio them and DJ Ammo from Allure One!!! 


Well, we are two-month-old newlyweds, we are happily letting ourselves gain some much deserved holiday weight and enjoying married life to the fullest! Cheers to new beginnings, and everlasting memories! 


A very special thank you to our amazing and loving wedding party. You all planned with us, laughed with us, the ladies dealt with my meltdowns, and I thank god every day for each and every one of you.  


Forever thankful to God for brining us all together. - XOXO



For the full photo album click here: Elsi Pacheco Joins The Lyons Club




Please Enjoy Our Wedding Highlight Video: 



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