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Top Destination Wedding Hotel BY FAR!

October 24, 2018

Well OK I ONLY have one wedding to compare it to lol, but I am NOT the only one that says so (check out some reviews yourself)


Now back to my story... When we embarked on planning our wedding one thing was evident, it would be a destination wedding. Personally, for me I knew I did not want to spend months of preparing for a ten hour, one-day event. I wanted it to be intimate and filled with some of the closest people to me. We wanted a weekend full of love, laughter, and joy. Now where to begin? Although I have planned many events in my life as an event planner/coordinator, its a completely different animal when you are planning your wedding! It's like all the years of successful event planning goes OUT THE FREAKIN WINDOW!


Thank goodness I remembered attending a wedding in Mexico years ago that used a company aptly called Destination Weddings. I immediately reached out to start the planning process. We knew specific timeframes that worked for us because of our work schedules, and we were able to narrow it down, but the good thing is that we were semi-flexible, not married to a date (pun intended). Four of the main factors in our decision about the location was that the resort or hotel had to be all-inclusive, adults only, a smaller hotel nothing with hundreds of people, and only one wedding a day. The one wedding a day factor certainly narrowed our options but I have been to weddings with more than one a day at the property and you can sometimes hear the other DJ's or fireworks or guest, and that's not for me.


By this point, Destination Weddings connected me with an excellent rep Andrea Coots. She suggested Zoetry Agua in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic which I was 10000% in for because I am Dominican and it just made sense. However, sadly they were not as flexible in making some minor changes to their pre-planned menus and that it just didn't work for us. 


Next up, Beloved Hotels, aka our home. Andrea was RIGHT on the money with this one. They checked off our major requirements, they were flexible but firm which I respect and very responsive which helps when dealing with another part of the country. It certainly helps that I speak Spanish and have an event background. 


Beloved Hotels:

"Nestled on an immaculate white sand beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Beloved Playa Mujeres is an unparalleled adults-only paradise in Playa Mujeres, Mexico. Just minutes away from Cancun, this all-inclusive 5-star luxury boutique hotel features an exquisite choice of lavish suites, an extensive spa and fitness facility, a variety of fine dining, seaside golf, boating and fishing, and a host of other activities on sea and land. Whatever your pleasure, at Beloved Playa Mujeres Mexico, impeccable service and natural Caribbean beaches set the stage for an unforgettable five-star, boutique, all-inclusive experience."



We set up a 3-day site visit in March of 2018 and fell in love! The service was fantastic! Their "basic room" aka the Junior suite is ANYTHING but basic! I mean are you kidding me with this 960 sq. foot room that features a private balcony, full-marble bathroom, master bedroom, and views of the Caribbean or pools, and that's just the beginning. Everything is all-inclusive, the service, staff, property 5+ stars! We knew we made the right choice right away! 


 Fast forward to our big day, October 6, 2018, that's when Beloved Hotels became our second home, our extended family. I felt like a QUEEN that entire week! I was floating on air everywhere and let me tell you, I had some hiccups lol which I will share in a near future blog but they made everything right, and I wish I could relive that moment in life over and over again! 



We wanted to have space to host our friends and family, so we did it up for our wedding and stayed in the penthouse which was amazeballs!! The spacious Penthouse Suites which is 2,873 sq feet has a Plunge Pool Ocean View feature a king-bedded master bedroom and a separate living room together with a private balcony and an expansive private terrace with plunge pool and stunning ocean views. I will let the pictures and video speak for itself.  

Full Video Here: Beloved Penthouse Video Tour


If you are considering a trip to Mexico and want a nice low key chill romantic vibe while being treated like royalty, this is the place! Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about The Beloved I'm happy to help. 


Stay tuned as I give you the low down on their sister hotel, Excellence which sits right next door and we celebrated our honeymoon there. TOTALLY different vibe! til then, xoxo - Elsi 





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