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My Wedding Planning Bestie Can Be Yours Too

May 28, 2018

 It’s crazy how OCD and organized I can be for others events, businesses, etc.. However, when it came to planning my wedding, I felt like a deer stuck in headlights. But HOW!?! Lol, I’ve done weddings for others before in Mexico that went off without a hitch! 



And truth be told the initial planning stages wasn’t terrible at all. I used destination weddings for the travel and booking aspect of things. And using the wedding services from the Beloved hotel made it much more manageable. There was some initial hiccup with their wedding planner onsite with her being slow getting back to me and only giving me half of my answers to questions at a time. However, management must have realized as I’m sure I wasn’t the only one with concerns, and they made staff changes and the event manager stepped in and handled my planning like a real OG! 


Now that the nitty gritty was managed I felt I could breathe. Until I quickly realized the “little” not so “little” things like wedding website, registry, guest list organization, dates when to do and send items out were falling through the cracks. 


As you may know, I am a lover of all things apps and tools that will make my life easier in any aspect. Whether it's something that will help me manage my personal experience, my business and that now includes my wedding planning.



Super cute infinity rings I got for my bridal party to ask them to be my Maid Of Honor's


Besides my amazing bridal party that has been heaven sent, has been my absolute newest best friend. It is indeed my all in one wedding planner. I love that I can collect addresses, manage RSVPs, menu selection and keep guests in the know with a free Wedding Website! I did want an upgrade for a personalized URL that had a small one time fee.



The site guides you through every step of the way with expert wedding planning tips, articles, vendors, inspiration budget, and more. My favorite part is also the part that causes me some small moments of anxiety, is the countdown emails. Keeps me on track! Sort like a bestie telling me “Um HELLO BI, you got 125 days to go! Get your ISH together!” And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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